Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K review: Samsung’s best 2024 Neo QLED 4K TV

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TV tech is an interesting thing. You have Mini LED, Micro LED, OLED, and a few more in the mix. Each of these technologies goes by a different name, depending on the brand using it. Samsung’s Neo QLED technology is essentially Mini LED tech. The 2024 Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K TV is Samsung’s best Mini LED TV, following in the footsteps of its predecessors and paving the way for the future.

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While much of what last year’s QN95C had is also here on the Samsung QN95D, there are a handful of improvements to picture quality, color, contrast, AI extras, and overall performance. Let’s jump right into the full review of the 2024 Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K TV.

Editors’s Note: The QN95D series is available for purchase through the Samsung custom installation channel — but, if you’re looking for a great Neo QLED 4K option that you can buy directly from Samsung today, make sure to check out the QN90D.

Editor’s Note: In most of our TV reviews, we have a difficult time getting good photos in our small testing space. So we use stock photos from the manufacturer throughout our TV reviews.

Samsung QN95D — The Quick Take

Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K review: Samsung's best 2024 Neo QLED 4K TV

Samsung’s QN series of TVs are the company’s flagship Neo QLED 4K TVs, and the Samsung QN95D lives up to that reputation. This is the Mini LED TV the company spends its time on and taking care of like a newborn baby.

So it is no surprise that the best Neo QLED 4K TV from last year, is the best Neo QLED 4K TV this year. The Samsung QN95D delivers the performance, picture quality, sound staging, and overall user experience that most users will be thrilled with.

If I had to point out something that I didn’t like about this series, and this is a stretch, it’s the user interface. I have praised Samsung’s UI/UX for years now, but given the emergence of more aesthetically pleasing interfaces from Google and Apple. I think Samsung’s could use a refresh. That’s not to say it’s not good. It still performs well and works just fine. It could just use some visual polishing in terms of graphics and colors to update it.

If you’re in the market for a Neo QLED 4K TV, then you cannot go wrong with the Samsung QN95D. This is the one. If you’re looking for a different display tech, though, I highly recommend the Samsung S95D OLED TV. While I think this is the best Neo QLED 4K TV on the market, the S95D OLED is just a bit nicer, all around, than the QN95D. But it all depends on which display tech you’re looking for. Either way, Samsung’s offerings are among the best there are.


The Samsung QN95D has the following features and specifications:

  • Video
    • Screen Size: 65″
    • Resolution:  3840×2160
    • Refresh Rate: 144hz
    • Color: 100% Color Volume with One Billion Colors
    • HDR: Neo Quantum HDR+ with auto HDR Remastering
  • Picture Engine: NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor
    • Quantum Dot Color: Yes
    • Upscaling: AI
  • Audio
    • Dolby: Atmos
    • Sound Output (RMS): 70w
    • Speaker Type: 4.2.2
    • Multiroom Link: Yes
    • Samsung Q-Symphony Sound: Yes
    • Bluetooth Headset Support: Yes
  • Wireless Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi: WiFi5
    • Wi-Fi Direct: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes (BT5.2)
  • Features
    • Smart Hub: Yes
    • IoT Hub: Yes
  • Processor: NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor
    • Apps Platform: Yes
    • Voice Interaction: Yes
    • Auto Channel Search: Yes
    • Auto Motion Plus: Yes
    • Dimming Technology: Ultimate UHD Dimming Pro
    • V-Chip: Yes
    • Electronic Program Guide (Channel Guide): Yes
    • Game Mode: Yes
    • Ambient Mode: Yes
    • Auto Power Off: Yes
    • Closed Captioning: Yes
    • Anynet+ HDMI-CEC: Yes
    • Eco Sensor: Yes
    • Bluetooth: Yes
    • HDMI Quick Switch: Yes
    • Mobile to TV – Mirroring, DLNA: Yes
    • TV to Mobile (Mirroring): Yes
    • eARC: Yes
  • I/O
    • HDMI (4)
    • USB 2.0 (2)
    • Optical Out (1)
    • Ethernet
    • RF In
    • Ex-Link RS232
    • HDMI A / Return Ch. Support
  • Dimensions
    • Product Size (W × H × D) Without Stand in inches: 56.9 × 32.6 × 0.8
    • Product Size (W × H × D) With Stand in inches: 56.9 × 35.1 × 10.7
    • Stand Size (W × H xD) in inches: 15.4 × 11.8 × 10.7
    • Shipping Size: 63.9 × 36.8 × 7.3
    • Weight without stand: 52.5 lbs
    • Weight with stand: 61.5 lbs
    • Shipping weight in the box: 78 lbs
  • Power
    • Power Supply: AC110-120V 50/60Hz
  • Samsung remote: Solarcell Remote Model# TM2360E
  • Model Number: QN65QN95DAFXZA

Samsung QN95D Key Features

  • NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor — The power behind the 4K picture that actively improves the quality. Utilizing 20 specialized networks, the AI-powered processor drives the intuitive Smart TV Hub, Dolby Atmos™ sound, and expertly upscaled 4K resolution.
  • Quantum Matrix with Mini LEDs — Catch every detail in dark to bright scenes. Precise lighting from Mini LEDs boosts brightness so you don’t miss a thing. It all works to make your picture that much more intense.
  • Infinity One Design — A barely there TV frame helps keep your focus on the screen. This minimalist design has an impossibly slim and sleek profile.
  • Neo Quantum HDR+ — See content come to life with remarkable picture quality and brightness. No exaggeration: the things on screen look true enough to touch. You’ll get to absorb all the nuances of the latest Hollywood movies and the shows you love made for High Dynamic Range.
  • Anti-Reflection — Watch everything you love with nearly no reflections and no distractions. Now your entertainment can look as good in the morning as it does at night with the lights on. Anti-Reflection technology limits light distraction on your screen by reducing the glare.
  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ — Play games and content with smooth motion and virtually no lag or blur. Get uninterrupted action with crisp visuals rendered at top speeds, so you always have a seamless, non-stop picture.
  • Real Depth Enhancer Pro — Experience depth and dimension on screen, just like you do in real life. Real Depth Enhancer Pro finds the focal point in each frame and adjusts for a fully dimensional picture.
  • 4K AI Upscaling — Content instantly transformed to incredibly sharp up to 4K resolution. Whether you’re streaming an HD movie, watching live sports, or looking back at home videos, experience it all transformed into sharp 4K resolution.
  • Samsung Tizen OS — Stream your favorite shows. Play games. Work out with a trainer. Do all you enjoy with a Smart TV Powered by Tizen. Discover your must-have apps and streaming services all just a few clicks away.

What’s In The Box

  • Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K TV
  • Power cable
  • Manuals, documentation, warranty
  • Hardware and stand
  • Samsung SolarCell remote TM2360E


Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K review: Samsung's best 2024 Neo QLED 4K TV

My TV reviews are usually pretty lengthy in words, but considering the Samsung QN95D is familiar and echoes a lot of the QN95C, this review will be a little lighter in heft. The design of Samsung TVs are generally not changed drastically year over year. There are some minor cosmetic changes, maybe bezel changes and weight changes, but the Samsung QN95D isn’t that much different looking from its older brother.

Even the dimensions are mostly identical to last year’s model, except the Samsung QN95D is slightly heavier, but not by much. Like the QN95C, the Samsung QN95D is about the same thickness as its Solarcell Remote, which says something. The bezels remain razor-thin and are about the same size as last year’s QN90B. Like nearly all of Samsung’s flagship TVs, it looks like the picture is simply floating when turned on.

It used to be that you’d only get this level of thinness from an OLED TV, but times are changing. Along with thinness comes more fragility, especially once you get past the 65″. The larger displays just feel easier to accidentally damage. So double up on manpower when moving this thing around. Our 65″ review unit took two of us to set up, with a third person on call in case needed. If we had a 75″ or larger, it would have been a three-person job.

I recommend planning your installation and placement before even touching the TV. Preparing and getting your tools, space, and mounting method beforehand will save headaches and possibly break your new expense toy.

The stand that comes with the Samsung QN95D is the same as last year, and it is simple to install. It is robust and made to hold the beefy 65″ and larger TVs; no need to worry about this stand failing; it is heavy and solid.

The build quality is also impressive, as it was last year. The materials feel premium, and the plastics feel nice. So yes, almost everything is made of plastic and glass, but it’s all very well-made. The stand is steel, but the stand arm is heavy plastic; they work well together. While I did say the larger display feels fragile, that is only because of how big and thin it is. The quality of the material and build are excellent.

The Solarcell remote is back and it is the best damn remote on the planet. Simple, easy to use, no extra nonsense buttons, and recharges with ambient light. Fantastic design! There is still a USB-C port on the bottom that can charge the remote if you have no light anywhere for some strange reason.

The Samsung QN95D rear is pretty plain, the back plastic is textured, and the power port and all of your I\O are on the back. As with last year’s model, some channels run along the back, where you can tuck your cables in. This helps manage your cables a bit, but it depends on the cable size. Samsung did think of this and did vary the size of the channels to accommodate a few different widths.

As with last year’s model, I wish Samsung had included the OneConnect box with this model, but they didn’t. Not a horrible thing, but I love the OneConnect box and a TV at this price point; it would have been nice to see it included.

Overall, the Samsung QN95D design remains mostly the same as last year’s QN95C. That is not a bad thing at all; the same high-quality materials and construction are here. The same fantastic TV stand is ready to hold that beautiful screen up and keep it up safely. The same thin bezels showcase the impressive display, making it look floating. It’s more of the same, only better.


The Samsung QN95D sports a Neo QLED 4K display, which is perfect for viewing your 4K content. One of the key features that is new for 2024 is anti-reflection. Samsung says the following about its new anti-reflection display.

“Watch everything you love with nearly no reflections and no distractions. Now your entertainment can look as good in the morning as it does at night with the lights on. Anti-Reflection technology limits light distraction on your screen by reducing the glare.”

This is indeed a stellar feature on the new Samsung QN95D, and it works rather nicely. There are still some reflections at some angles and with some light, but the difference between last year’s model and this year’s, can be seen. This TV does a much better job of getting rid of reflections.

The Neo QLED display is run by a Quantum Matrix with Mini LED backlighting, which gives you precise lighting that boosts brightness so you don’t miss a thing.

Add in Neo Quantum HDR+ into the Samsung QN95D and you get deep rich color, that deep saturation you’re used to getting from Samsung displays. You can adjust the colors as you see fit, but Samsung does do vibrant the best.

You still get the typical Samsung goodies here as well, Ambient Mode for nice backgrounds and art works to make things look classy when your TV is not in use.

Multi-View is also on the 65″ 4K Samsung QN95D Neo-QLED TV, which is a feature Samsung says will be helpful to gamers. Gamers can pull up YouTube tutorials on their phones and have them playing on screen as they play those same games. This can help gamers get through challenging levels without looking down at their other device or pausing anything.

Multi-View could also be used for fact-checking while watching news programs or political debates. Having your phone screen on the same display where everyone can see it and verify facts is a pretty good idea.

Pack in the 144Hz refresh rate and Neo Quantum HDR+ with auto HDR Remastering, and you’re getting a vibrant and colorful picture that will blow your guests away. Black levels are excellent, something QLED TVs have improved on over the past four years. OLED is still better, but not by much. Contrast is also spot on and with Neo QLED, the greys are much nicer than most OLEDs. More detail in those grey areas.

You can also use the ambient light setting, which adjusts the brightness according to the lighting in the room. Viewing angles are much improved over the QN95C thanks to that anti-reflective coating.

Overall, the Samsung QN95D display is a big improvement over last year’s model and that is saying a lot as that TV was the best Neo QLED 4K TV last year. Now this one is the best.


Samsung QN95D Neo QLED 4K review: Samsung's best 2024 Neo QLED 4K TV

Physical setup is simple, get the stand attached (or mount the TV to the wall), place it on your entertainment center, plug everything in. Though, I would recommend TWO people for TVs that are 65″ or larger. The Samsung QN95D took only two of us to set up, but I did have a third-person waiting in the wings in case needed.

Once you have it physically set up, you can turn it on and follow the onscreen prompts.

  • Setup via remote and input preferences — This is straightforward and involves you using the remote to choose preferences and login to all your accounts.
  • Setup via SmartThings on your mobile — This is my preferred method, as it connects to my Samsung account and imports my previous settings from my previous TV. Super simple and recommended.

Overall, you will be up and running with your new Samsung QN95D in no time, usually it takes me less than five minutes with the SmartThings App. Oh, and the solar cell remote is still the best in the TV business, every TV maker should make these. It is simple with minimal buttons and charges just sitting there.


I will touch on the Samsung QN95D UI and software experience briefly. I have another review coming soon where I go into it slightly more, so I won’t make this long.

I have always loved Samsung TV user interfaces and frankly, I still do love it. I think it looks decent but, more importantly, performs better than many others. That being said, I believe that it is time for an overhaul of the Samsung UI.

Tizen OS works, and it’s not like you’re going to hate it. But I am looking at this from the perspective of someone who has been using different TV and streaming box operating systems for years now. Google TV and Apple TV 4K are both much nicer looking than Tizen OS, and I think Samsung needs to overhaul the design.

Overall, the software and user interface work just fine, and you won’t have any issues with it. But it is dated and there are ads, so an update seems to be in order. Samsung’s rolled with this same sort of design for the past few years, time to update.

Sound Quality

Samsung ALWAYS packs in amazing sound quality into its flagship TVs, and the Samsung QN95D is no different. This thing’s speakers spew spectacular sound that you don’t really need a soundbar. BUT. If you do want a soundbar, buy a Samsung soundbar with Q-Symphony sound, and you can have the sound from the TV speakers and soundbar working together. Really, the best audio experience on any TV/Soundbar combo.

Audio Key Features

  • Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+
  • Q-Symphony
  • Active Voice Amplifier Pro
  • Adaptive Sound Pro
  • Dual Audio Support (Bluetooth)
  • 360 Audio
  • 70 Watt 4.2.2 Channel

Overall, the Samsung QN95D packs a punch of sound that will thrill your ears. But I say to enhance that sound with a Samsung Q-Symphony soundbar.


The Samsung QN95D is running on Samsung’s all new NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor. Samsung says this new chip utilizes 20 specialized networks. The AI-powered processor drives the Smart TV Hub, Dolby Atmos sound, and expertly upscaled 4K resolution.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ allows you to play games and consume content with smooth motion and virtually no lag or blur. Get uninterrupted action with crisp visuals rendered at top speeds, I noticed no lag or blur when watching action movies and playing a few games on my Xbox.

Real Depth Enhancer Pro is a new feature which Samsung says allows you to experience depth and dimension on screen just like you do in real life. Real Depth Enhancer Pro finds the focal point in each frame and adjusts for a fully dimensional picture.

Samsung 4K AI upscaling is back, and it does an impressive job of upscaling your HD content to 4K. You will find it doesn’t always work in every single app, or at least to me, it didn’t always seem to work. But where it does work, it works well.

Overall, the performance of this TV is the best Samsung has in its Neo QLED lineup, and it is spectacular.


The Samsung QN95D starts at (check Samsung for pricing) and moves on up after that. Like a broken record, there’s really no reason not to buy this TV if you’re looking at Neo QLED or QLED TVs. It’s the best in terms of price to value proposition.

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a Neo QLED 4K TV, then the Samsung QN95D is the best choice you can make in 2024. A spectacular TV with spectacular features and worthy upgrades over its older brother.

Samsung QN95D 4K TV

Check Samsung for Pricing









Sound Quality






Nailed it

  • Clean and minimal design asthetic
  • Solid build quality
  • Fantastic vibrant display
  • Anti-reflective coating is great
  • Easy physical setup and software setup
  • Stellar sound quality
  • Amazing performance with 144Hz refresh rate for gaming

Needs work

  • Samsung Tizen OS is nice but could use a refresh
  • Price may be a problem for some

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