How to play and win at online casino tournaments

Tournament-style games are most readily associated with poker, but in fact, they can be run for almost any kind of casino game, including slots. There are many different tournament formats, and they can last anything from a few minutes to a few weeks. The common element is that multiple players compete for a prize pool, which ultimately goes to either the last player standing or the one with the most chips/credit.

Big wins

Casino tournaments have become particularly popular online, where there is no practical limit to the number of players involved. The more players there are, the bigger the potential prize pool, and it’s possible to win big without risking an excessive amount of your own money. There is usually an entry fee, or buy-in, in return for which each player gets a certain amount of chips (or credit, if playing slots). The aim is then to increase this amount as much as possible and in as short a time as possible, as you will generally be playing against the clock.

Getting started

Joining an online casino tournament couldn’t be simpler, as there are generally many events to choose from. First, register at an online casino site, such as the best NJ online casino. Here you’ll find over 500 online slots, plus table games including blackjack, roulette, baccarat and of course, poker. These games can be enjoyed 24/7 on your desktop computer, mobile device or smartphone, so register for a tournament that’s scheduled to start at a convenient time for you.

Alternatively, sit and go tournaments will begin once enough players have signed up. In either case, you’ll need to create an account and deposit enough money to cover your buy-in, although you may occasionally get a free roll allowing you to join without paying a fee. You may also want to think of a screen or user name to be displayed on the tournament scoreboard.

Different formats

One of the most popular casino tournament formats is the single round ‘one shot’ tournament. These are fast-paced and exciting, with the player with the most chips when the time is up being declared the winner. There are also survivor or elimination tournaments, where players are gradually eliminated over the course of multiple rounds.

Extender tournaments are marathon sessions where you are allowed to top up your chip pile or credit to stay in the game. There are also reloader tournaments, where you play selected games (usually online slots) multiple times over a period of days or weeks.

Tournament strategy

All the usual casino strategies apply in tournaments, with the difference being that you’re playing against the clock, so you need to move fast! With slots, this means betting the maximum amount, playing as many lines as possible and spinning the wheels as fast as you can. Basically, the more you play the better your chances of winning. Make sure you stay alert and focused so you don’t miss anything.

Above all, when you join a tournament, make sure it’s a game you enjoy and feel comfortable with. Remember, the main objective is always to have fun!